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Light, Time and Memory: A Theory of Everything for UFOs - Part One

Dan Kelley

The abduction literature is rife with memory lapses, missing time, and the hunt for experiences that have somehow disappeared from the abductee's conciousness. Hypnotherapy, guided dreaming, and deep memory mining methods are used in order to help the person locate the abduction experience in the time path of his or her existence.

And we still lack the holy grail of UFO research, the hard evidence. The bits of tinfoil from the Roswell Incident notwithstanding, there is no such evidence. Claims of metal pieces insrcibed with strange characters eventually blow away in a puff of smoke. The purveyors of such things are found to be charlatans.

And yet the phenomenon persists. Even the most cursory glance at the storehouse of research that is The National UFO Reporting Center shows that there is no shortage of sightings of every sort. Black triangles, strange lights, things that move in impossible ways, these are being seen by our citizens nightly.

How to explain the discrepancy between the staggering number of encounters of all kinds and the lack of hard evidence?

UFOs are time machines. They are piloted by human beings from the future. This is the only theory that can account for the sightings, abduction events, the lack of evidence and most importantly, the lack of memory of the event. When these future humans crash one of these things on our planet, they simply get in another one and go back in time to clean up the mess. No trace is left for us to find.

When one of our citizens witnesses one of these time machines too closely, the future people simply whisk that person back in time to a place before they saw the craft, thereby erasing the whole event from their life path.

Human-piloted time machines would behave exactly as the UFO/abduction literature predicts.

Why are they doing this?

I will approach that question in part two.

posted: 1/3/2006

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