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White Sun - USD1.00 Note

Teow Aun Chew

Heaven says the Truth is embedded in the Bible, the Koran, the Sutra (sayings of Buddha) and even the USD1.00 note. The American currency is the most accepted currency in the world and certainly if there is a divine Truth that has to be implanted onto a currency note, it has to be the American Note. In the temple of Tao of Heaven, the Immortal descended from Heaven and told us about this peculiar Truth which we have overlooked. Most of us will think that the Truth must be in the Bible, the Koran or any Holy scriptures in spiritual books. The Truth is always in the most natural form for example mother-nature. Let’s look at this special note.

On the back of this one dollar note, we could see an ancient Egyptian symbol drawn in a rather peculiar manner. It is the pyramid that points to a single eye at the top. This note was designed and produced about two hundred years ago. People would probably ask why the Americans would want to put an ancient Egyptian symbol on their one dollar note. Perhaps this is because they believed, as many others still do, that the pyramids possess some mystical power. Indeed they are right but the meaning is very much deeper. It is to carry a Heavenly message for the modern day people.

The mystery behind this symbol is the mystery of The Third Eye and the mystery of life. From this symbol, we are told about the relationship between the Third Eye and the Pyramid. This does not mean that we have to travel to Egypt to find out the location of our Third Eye or the meaning of the Third Eye. Every one of us has The Third Eye and the Pyramid of our own. Take a look at our face and we can find the platonic form of this ancient mystical building structure there. If we can find this pyramid on ourselves, then we can easily locate the Third Eye. On the note, the Third Eye is on top of the pyramid and precisely it is the same as on our face. Once this Third Eye is opened, then our inner light can shine through. Study carefully which part of our face resembles the pyramid? This is echoed by Jesus Christ who once said (Matthew 6:22):

“The eye is the lamp of the body. If the lamp is lit, the body will shine. If the lamp is not lit, the body will be in darkness.”

A lamp symbolizes brightness. Jesus was not referring to the tangible light, nor was he talking about the physical light. People may have eyes but they do not see; they look. What Jesus Christ was trying to tell us is the Divine Eye which is a singular eye, like the singular eye on top of the pyramid. This Third Eye is where the true treasure can be kept as this is the root of the heart. The Third Eye is like the lamp of the body. It is the lamp of this temple of God and in order for the lamp to shine, it needs to be lit.

Lighting this sacred lamp of the body can be achieved in accordance with what John the Baptist referred to as “baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire.” Upon initiation of Tao today is to rekindle our spiritual lamp, to open up our Third Eye, after which the inner brightness will emanate. The Third Eye is the First Heavenly Treasure out of The Three Heavenly Treasures and it is the most important of the three. It is where the soul resides. This Third Eye is also located at the meeting point of the Crucifix or the Cross and on every face there is a Cross or Crucifix. When an artist draws a face he will first draw two lines which is the Crucifix on the face.

In the teachings of Tao, “One” means Heaven. The Third Eye and Pyramid are on USD1.00 note and not five dollars or ten dollars note etc. “One” also means Tao, the beginning of everything. The Truth of the Third Eye is indicated on the “One” Dollar Note and its position is at the top of the pyramid which is our nose. The Heavenly Seal is confirmed and represented by “The Great Seal” below the pyramid. “The Great Seal” endorsed the Third Eye and The Heavenly Seal is The Second Heavenly Treasure of The Three Heavenly Treasures. It is the way that we hold our hands when we pray to symbolize that we are children of God and it comprised of two Chinese words (hai tze) meaning children. The note also states “IN GOD WE TRUST” and below is “ONE” meaning “In God we trust Tao or Heaven.”

Tao of Heaven is not a religion and it embraces the five main religions; Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and all righteous faiths. If you refer to my website, there is a page on “Cross & Tao” where Jesus Christ manifested to explain to us what is the relationship between “Cross & Tao” by using a piece of A4 paper. The outcome of folding and tearing of the piece of A4 paper will show a word “HELL,” the Chinese word “Eternity (yong sern),” a “Crucifix or Cross” and the Chinese word “Tao.” They are all related to each other similar in its mystical nature with USD1.00 Note.

T.A Chew was told that many Americans embraced Tao because of the explanations of this USD1.00 Note in America. After the initiation ceremony, they were awakened to the Truth of the Third Eye and there was even one American who saw the Heavenly Dragon after the initiation of Tao of Heaven in the temple. Website:

Article Source:

posted: 1/1/2006

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