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Earth Mysteries

Huge Mystery Waves Coming Ashore in Maine

Dockworker Marcy Ingall saw a giant wave in the distance last Tuesday afternoon and stopped in her tracks. It was an hour before low tide in Maine's Boothbay Harbor, yet without warning, the muddy harbor floor suddenly filled with rushing, swirling water.

In 15 minutes, the water rose 12 feet, then receded. And then it happened again. It occurred three times, she said, each time ripping apart docks and splitting wooden pilings.

"It was bizarre," said Ingall, a lifelong resident of the area...

New Island Forming in South Pacific! Where is Arthur Gordon Pym?

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- A new volcanic island has risen from the South Pacific near Tonga, according to reports from two vessels that passed the area.

The crew of the Maiken, a yacht that left the northern Tongan islands group of Vava'u in August, reported on their Web log on August 12 that they saw streaks of light, porous pumice stone floating in the water -- then "sailed into a vast, many-miles-wide belt of densely packed pumice."

They posted photos of huge "pumice rafts" that they encountered after passing Tonga's Late island while sailing toward Fiji...

Massive Cave Discovered in Venezuela

A cave so huge helicopters can fly into it has just been discovered deep in the hills of a South American jungle paradise.

Actually, "Cueva del Fantasma"—Spanish for "Cave of the Ghost"—is so vast that two helicopters can comfortably fly into it and land next to a towering waterfall.

It was found in the slopes of Aprada tepui in southern Venezuela, one of the most inaccessible and unexplored regions of the world. The area, known as the Venezuelan Guayana, is one of the most biologically rich, geologically ancient and unspoiled parts of the world...

'Lost world' found in jungle

OSLO, Norway (Reuters) -- Scientists say they have found a "Lost World" in an Indonesian mountain jungle, home to dozens of exotic new species of birds, butterflies, frogs and plants.

"It's as close to the Garden of Eden as you're going to find on Earth," said Bruce Beehler, co-leader of the U.S., Indonesian, and Australian expedition to part of the cloud-shrouded Foja mountains in the west of New Guinea.

Indigenous peoples living near the Foja range, which rises to 2,200 meters (7,218 feet), said they did not venture into the trackless area of 3,000 square kilometers (1,200 square miles) -- roughly the size of Luxembourg or the U...

Strange Blue Light Sighted In Sea

DUBAI — An evening stroll on a strip of beach near Fujairah turned out to be once-in-a-lifetime experience for a Sri Lankan family, when the breaking waves glowed with an eerie blue light.

Seventeen-year-old Hassanain Anwar realised it was an unusual natural phenomenon and shot a video clip of the glowing waves.

"I saw there were no buildings or other sources of artificial light anywhere around, so it couldn't have been reflected light. The only explanation was that this was a case of natural luminescence," he told Khaleej Times...

Two Ways To Explore Our Hollow Earth

You could SIGN UP for an expedition.


you could read The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by the great and powerful Edgar Allen Poe.

Choose wisely!

Extensive Series of Structures Discovered in Chinese Lake

Yunnan Province, China (January 16, 2006) China researchers are reporting the discovery of Mayan pyramid-like buildings under Fuxian Lake in China’s Yunnan province.

"Gengwei, a professional diver, told reporters on December 19th, 2005, that images from sonar scans showed that a large relic covering at least 2.4 square kilometers sits underwater in Fuxian Lake.

"He said eight main buildings were found all under the water, including a round building and two large high buildings with floors that liken to the Mayan pyramids of Latin America...

The Moving Stones of Death Valley

Death Valley, California is one of my favorite places. It's gorgeous, strange, eerie and has amazing and warped geology, fossils and history. It's full of mysteries, ghost towns, abandoned mines and even melted rocks that some say are the sign of prehistoric nuclear explosion. Last time I was there it was 112 degrees outside and I was in heaven (I think I'm part lizard) (Hey! No smart remarks!)

One of the geological attractions is called the Racetrack Playa, famous for it's moving stones. The floor of the playa is dried, scorched mud which has broken into perfect little octagons and pentagons and mosaic...

CONstructs: -Hallucination, Hypnosis and the Hexham Heads

As Above, SO Below:

The 'As Above, So Below' law that is the combination of micro and macrocosmic reality likely comes from Hermes Trismegistus, a Babylonian who became a Pharaoh of Egypt according to the Arab Encyclopedia. Barrett is probably right about him being a legendary amalgam of people, but so what? This kind of semantic, pedantic, academic, squabbling just confuses the issue and people get to the point where they take one side or another, rather than integrate and see the effect of the power-mongers...

The Enduring Mystery Of England's Stones

The dew was collecting faster the longer we stood there, and my feet were quite wet, yet I didn't care. The cold June air was pierced by the sounds of a wind from the channel and a pair of didgeridoo players under a dim spotlight from the midsummer's moon. Around us in the wet, ankle-deep grass, stood the oblong shapes of the Merry Maidens, a circle of stones placed here who-knows-when by who-knows-who. This could have been an occult gathering, the five of us drawn magically to share a prehistoric ritual on one of the high days of the Pagan calendar...

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