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Wisdom of the Ancients

"Vampire" Skeleton Discovered in Britain - Metal Spike Through Heart

A 1400-year-old vampire skeleton with metal spikes through its shoulders, heart and ankles, has been discovered in Britain, a new report has claimed.

The skeleton dating from 550-700 AD found buried in the ancient minster town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire has shed light on rare ‘vampire’ burials in Britain.

Long dismissed as myth and legend, the vampire is associated with spooky stories.

It is believed to be a “deviant burial”, where people considered the ‘dangerous dead’, such as vampires, were interred to prevent them rising from their graves to plague the living...

Cloud Warrior Ruin Discovered

An unusual archeological site discovered in Peru's mountains may hold clues to the history of the Chachapoya people, known as "cloud warriors," who fought the Inca Empire before the Spanish conquest.

Keith Muscutt, a British-born Chachapoya researcher with the University of California Santa Cruz, said Wednesday the site was "strikingly anomalous" because of its size, shape and remote location in the dense forest full of spider monkeys and toucans.

The unfortified, possibly ceremonial structure is located in an area previously considered on the periphery of the Chachapoya domain in the upper Amazon region...

First Intact Tomb Discovered In Valley of the Kings Since 1922

An American team has found what appears to be an intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings, the first found in the valley since that of Tutankhamun in 1922, one of the archaeologists said on Thursday.

The tomb contains five or six mummies in intact sarcophagi from the late 18th dynasty, about the same period as Tutankhamun, but the archaeologists have not yet had the time or the access to identify them, the archaeologist added.

The 18th dynasty ruled Egypt from 1567 BC to 1320 BC, a period during which the country's power reached a peak...

Timeless Myths

Satisty your love of gods and monsters at

Timeless Myths.

White Sun - USD1.00 Note

Heaven says the Truth is embedded in the Bible, the Koran, the Sutra (sayings of Buddha) and even the USD1.00 note. The American currency is the most accepted currency in the world and certainly if there is a divine Truth that has to be implanted onto a currency note, it has to be the American Note. In the temple of Tao of Heaven, the Immortal descended from Heaven and told us about this peculiar Truth which we have overlooked. Most of us will think that the Truth must be in the Bible, the Koran or any Holy scriptures in spiritual books...

The Greek Sphinx: A Demon of Death and Esoteric Wisdom

The Sphinx is best described as a symbol of “arcane wisdom” (Olderr 126), and wicked power in ancient Greece around 1200 BCE. Her disposition is depicted by the mythical story associated with her, specifically, her interactions with Oedipus . The Sphinx had also existed much earlier with other meanings in cultures such as Egypt. Since that time, its symbolism has become so captivating that its meaning is almost proverbial in the Western World today (Britannica 16).

The Sphinx truly fits her title as a beast...

Do You Want to Know a Secret? Solomon's Temple Revealed

There is a journey that we all must take. It is called life. There is no escaping this journey. We cannot pay somebody to take it for us or take the pain and sorrow that frequents our path. Without our mother and father there would be no help at all from the very start. We would be helpless and we would die.

We are born with no knowledge whatsoever other than some minor genetic memories, and many of us simply follow the patterns that life, evolution and our peers throw at us. We subconsciously assume we must do as our forefathers; we must follow in their footsteps; we must marry, have children, get a job, step onto the roller-coaster of commercialism and the greed oriented rat race we know as capitalism or even communism...

Scrying - a Modern Look at an Ancient Art

Scrying, the art of gaining telepathic information by gazing into crystals, began thousands of years ago. Ancient civilizations revered crystals, believing they had magical powers. The people thought that the gods would deliver mystical wisdom to the meditator through the stones. Battles, travel, healing, diets, and even decisions about the ruling of kingdoms were often planned according to wisdom imparted to scryers from their stones. Today the art of scrying is still widely practiced, but has lost a bit of it's mystery as we have gained knowledge of the reactions between energy and crystals...

Will the World Really End on December 21, 2012?

I was recently asked how I interpreted the Mayan and Hopi predictions that the world, as we know it, will end on the 21st of December 2012. Would there be global war -- possibly triggering a nuclear holocaust? Would the planet's life forms finally succumb to the ecological quagmire that's been building in our soils, oceans and atmosphere? Would the current steady increase of previously unknown diseases overcome our ability to defend against them? Or will we suddenly move into a new Golden Age in which the lion lies down with the lamb and struggle, pain, and suffering are gone forever?

This is no small question...

The Bermuda Triangle and Antarctica

The science of metallurgy is vital to the social structures surrounding all esoteric beliefs. The shamans who gathered meteorite material to fashion tools and weapons as well as for the use of the metals and spirits thereof became great aristocrats, as their family or heritage grew. Genghis Khan (Temujin) is from such a family and most of the early aristocrats were either adept (like the House of David and Solomon) themselves or worked closely with these artisans who we could call alchemists, as Mircae Eliade does in his The Forge and The Crucible...

Human Genome and Mayan Calendar

HUMAN GENOME PROJECT: - In 1991 Michael Coe wrote Breaking the Mayan Code in which he said knowing how this language was 'both phonetic as well as pictographic was as important as the Human Genome Project and space colonization'. Personally I think it is very important to see the Mayans had a language understandable in many contexts across numerous tribes and people. It IS very important to our proposed Brotherhood of Man. It is not as important as either of the other major advances for the near future of mankind; space colonization will be our saving grace as remnants of humanity even if he would interpret the Mayan prophecy that calls for a new civilization in 2012 as an end to earthian humans...

Do Planets Communicate with Living Organisms?

Do you feel any difference if the moon if full? A lot of people, including myself, report that their sleep is different and even during the day they feel a shift in their mood that lasts sometimes a few days.

The moon is responsible for making the tides and has therefore a physical influence on the earth. But what about the other 9 major planets?

Astrology is based on the belief that time has quality. Important here is to mention that astrology does not say the planets are making the qualities or energy patterns...

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