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Creature Features

Confirmed Big Cat Sighting in Missouri

STRINGTOWN, MO. For the second time in the past few weeks, a mountain lion sighting has been confirmed in southeast Missouri.

Trail cameras captured a big cat on a Ripley County farm last weekend.

Lee Ray Pickrell, who owns the farm, told the Southeast Missourian that the cameras were set on food plots for deer. He was stunned when he checked and saw photos of a beefy male mountain lion.

Ripley County conservation agent Darren Killian confirmed the sighting. He says it is the first confirmed mountain lion in the county...

Ancient Reptile As Big As A Bus

Researchers on Thursday announced the discovery of the remains of a short-necked plesiosaur, a prehistoric marine reptile the size of a bus, that they believe is the first complete skeleton ever found.

The 150 million year old remains of the 33-foot ocean going predator were found in August on the remote Svalbard Islands of the Arctic, the University of Oslo announced.

Fragments of plesiosaur have been found elsewhere, including in England, Russia, and Argentina, but researcher Joern Harald Hurum said the partially fossilized Svalbard find appeared to be the first whole example...

Talking Thing Encountered in Highland Illinois

HIGHLAND, IL Jake Boothill did not expect to wind up in the papers the day he set out from his mobile home on his way to his favorite fishing hole down the road.

"It started out just a normal day," was how he described his morning. He filled a thermos with coffee, packed a sandwich and threw his fishing gear into the back of his pickup. Halfway to the pond, however, something strange occurred.

Jake "heard something very peculiar" and pulled off the dusty gravel road to investigate. What he heard "sounded just like a person, or a child, yelling for help...

Mini Dinosaurs!

A new species of mini-dinosaur has been unearthed in northern Germany.

The creature was of the sauropod type - that group of long-necked, four-footed herbivores that were the largest of all the dinosaurs.

But at just a few metres in length, this animal was considerably smaller than its huge cousins, scientists report in the journal Nature. read all about it...

Loch Ness Monster Is An Elephant

Unexplained sightings of the Loch Ness monster could have been elephants enjoying a swim, a scientist has said. Neil Clark, curator of palaeontology at Glasgow University's Hunterian Museum, spent two years researching Nessie.

He said they could have been circus elephants, as fairs visiting Inverness would often stop on the banks of Loch Ness to give the animals a rest. The trunk and humps in the water would bear similarities to some of the most famous Nessie photographs.

There have been reported sightings of "something" in Loch Ness dating back to the 6th Century and it has grown into one of the world's most enduring myths...

Machine Elves

Machine Elves (also known as self transforming machine elves) is a term coined by the writer and philosopher Terence McKenna to describe the entities that he claims one becomes aware of after having taken tryptamine based psychedelic drugs such as DMT. According to McKenna, their constant dance creates the reality as we perceive it. By following their dance, one can stay in contact with the Logos, a subconscious world of spiritual and other information. A close similarity is the Hindu Dance of Shiva...

The land of elves: Hidden creatures make their home in this Icelandic town

HAFNARFJORDUR, Iceland ó In the United States, we think of elves as Santaís little helpers. In Iceland, elves are a bigger deal.

Icelandic elves donít work in Santaís workshop. They are an independent lot, with magical powers. They arenít even associated with Icelandís Santas, which number 13. Thatís right: Iceland has 13 Santas, brothers each with a weird name and bad habits. Theyíre like a crude version of Snow Whiteís footmen, the Seven Dwarfs.

Every culture has its mythology. Icelandís is strong, with roots in age-old Nordic sagas...

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