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The Future Is Now

In 200,000 years there will be no trace of us left...

Light pollution would be the first to go, followed by fields, buildings and cities IF MAN were to vanish from the face of the Earth today, his footprint on the planet would linger for the mere blink of an eye in geological terms.

Within hours, nature would begin to eradicate its impact. In 50,000 years all that would remain would be archaeological traces. Only radioactive materials and a few man-made chemical contaminants would last longer — an invisible legacy.

Homo sapiens has managed just 150,000 years on Earth, and his earliest — debatable — ancestor only six million...

Technovelgy - Where Science Meets Fiction


We loved this site the minute we saw it. Oh, baby!

"Explore the wide variety of inventions and ideas of science fiction writers - over 975 are available on Technovelgy (that's tek-novel-gee!). Use the Timeline of Science Fiction Invention or the alphabetic Glossary of Science Fiction Technology to see them all, look for the category that interests you, browse by favorite author / book or check Science Fiction in the News and watch sf come to life...

Polar Inertia - Journal of Nomadic and Popular Culture

Nomadic cultures flourish in the southwest United States. Camping out in abandoned military bases and superstore parking lots, these road warriors have sold their houses, quit their jobs and taken to a life of constant motion. Just in case you are not yet convinced that we are living in a Neal Stephenson novel, Polar Inertia will erase any doubt.

Polar Inertia

Slab City

Mapping out the future of transport

You leave home, step into your car, turn the seat around and start working your way through your e-mail inbox, as the car drives you to work.

Or you use whatever comes to be your mobile phone to summon one of a swarm of automatic buses.

Don't fancy stepping out into the rain? Then perhaps Telepresencing is how you'll win friends and influence people. It's the three-dimensional visual conference call of the future.

These are all visions of Britain in 2055 from the heavyweight government Foresight report into how we'll travel in the next five decades...

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