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Watch the Sky

Mystery Radio Transmission Received

© 2014 National Geographic

A brief, blazing burst of radio waves detected by the Arecibo Observatory could herald a turning of the tide for a peculiar class of cosmic signals. Until recently, the signals had only ever been detected by a telescope in Australia, a pattern that fueled doubts about their origin.

Fewer than a dozen of these bursts, lasting for only a few thousandths of a second, have ever been reported. Called “fast radio bursts,” the signals are cosmic enigmas that appear to come from the very, very distant universe...

Jet Nearly Collides with UFO


Any pilot flying holidaymakers between Manchester and Ibiza must be prepared for outlandish sights.

But perhaps nothing so apparently unworldly as this.

The captain of a Thomas Cook airliner flying tourists back from the Spanish holiday island to the north of England reported a "near miss" with a "rugby ball"-shaped UFO, which passed within feet of his jet.

The encounter, over Reading, Berks, was reported to the aviation authorities, who launched an investigation...

1979 Bob Taylor Alien Robot Mystery Solved ?

PHILL FENTON, from Livingston, reckons the alleged UFO spotted by Bob Taylor in 1979 was actually a nearby saucer-shaped water tower.

Forestry worker Bob Taylor reported an incident 34 years ago involving an alleged alien craft and two “robot” attackers.

He was left unconscious with ripped trousers in the middle of woods at Dechmont Law, near Livingston.

Despite inquiries by police and ufologists, no plausible explanation has been found and the incident has remained one of Scotland’s highest profile X-Files type cases...

Something Is Mutilating Cows In Missouri

HENRY COUNTY, Mo. – Who would cut the tongues and take the reproductive organs from several cows? That’s the mystery police in a small town 90 miles away from Kansas City are dealing with.

Robert Hills, Henry County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, says the first cow was discovered in December of 2011, the second and third this summer. All were female cows and were owned by rancher Lyn Mitchell.

“We couldn’t see any signs of trauma, and it doesn’t appear that there was any type of wild animal, such coyotes, that were involved,” Hills told KMOX...

Saucer Armada Menaces San Francisco - Citizenry On Edge After Cosmic Show of Force

from CBS 5 " A viewer told CBS 5 about some surprising video captured early Sunday morning in San Francisco’s Mission District...

Loud Boom: Meteor Hit or Bunker Explosion?

WEBSTER PARISH, LA (KSLA) -The Webster Parish Sheriff's Office confirms an underground bunker exploded late last night at Camp Minden. There are no reports of any injuries or deaths. The explosion site was discovered right at sun-up.

Chief Deputy Bobby Igo says the bunker belongs to a company called Explo. Authorities said they would have more information at a 9 a.m. news conference at Camp Minden, but that news conference was postponed until 11 a.m.

Igo says the underground bunkers are designed to send any blast up instead of out to lessen the shock wave impact...

Media Pretend Captured Saucer is Earth-Origin Drone


People in the D.C. area are buzzing after pictures began popping up online showing what many believed to be a 'UFO' in transport along the Capitol Beltway...

Awesome meteorite footage from UK March 3, 2012

Some questioned whether aliens were about to land, with one woman tweeting: “UFO invasion?! Ball of fire flew past my window!” Others called the Police. The most likely explanation, though, was an unusually bright shooting star, or meteor. Thousands of people spotted the chunk – or possibly chunks - of roughly fist-sized space rock burning up while coming through the earth’s atmosphere at an altitude of 60 or 70 miles or so at about 10pm...

Space Balls Are Falling - Material "Known to Man"

A large metallic ball fell out of the sky on a remote grassland in Namibia, prompting baffled authorities to contact NASA and the European space agency.

The hollow ball with a circumference of 1.1 metres (43 inches) was found near a village in the north of the country some 750 kilometres (480 miles) from the capital Windhoek, according to police forensics director Paul Ludik.

Locals had heard several small explosions a few days beforehand, he said.

With a diameter of 35 centimetres (14 inches), the ball has a rough surface and appears to consist of "two halves welded together"...

Great Footage of Fireball in Southwest US

Asteroid near Earth: Fireball in Southwest prompts talk of UFO, aliens

The fireball that streaked over the U.S. Southwest on Wednesday night gave skywatchers a spectacular show -- and prompted immediate speculation on Twitter of UFOs.

But an expert told the Los Angeles Times there was a more natural explanation: It was a likely "near-Earth asteroid," no bigger than a basketball...

Prof Sez UFOs "Worthy Area of Study"

The subject of UFOs should be brought out into the open as a worthwhile "area of study," a New York anthropology professor says.

"(A sighting) happens to millions of people (around the world)," Philip Haseley said. "It's about time we looked into this as a worthy area of study. It's important that the whole subject be brought out in the open and investigated," The Buffalo (New York) News reported Sunday.

Haseley teaches at Niagara County Community College and is head of the Western New York Mutual UFO Network, an organization focused on UFO research...

Cold UFO Case Heats Up in California


Private eye T.K. Davis has worked his share of oddball cases. Once he tracked down a one-armed woman wanted for child endangerment. He staked out a backyard to catch a guy throwing dirt clods into a pool. When you make your living answering life's mysterious questions at $100 an hour, you take a few calls out of the blue.

He works the streets of this suburban town near Santa Cruz, where dog-walking mothers and aging hippies compete for beach time. It can get a little creepy...

Lights In the Midwest Skies

From southeastern Wisconsin to as far as Des Moines, Iowa and St. Louis, people reported seeing balls of fire, possibly meteors, streaking across the sky last night.

No major meteor showers were expected in the northern hemisphere on Sunday night, said Jim Lattis, director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison astronomy department's Space Place. But he said it was possible that a minor shower may have been what prompted calls to authorities.

The National Weather Service's Sullivan office said reports were called in from Iowa, northern Illinois and on up to Green Bay...

We are in the midst of a major UFO flap, people!

Charlotte, O'Hare, now Hawaii.

Track all the stories here and...

Keep watching the sky!

(Honolulu, HI) - Surfers at Hawaii's Kewalo Bay got an unexpected light show Friday night. The unidentified lights in the sky caused one local man to pull his son out of the water as a precaution.

But an expert says there is a perfectly good explanation for the unusual sight...

We Are Under Attack From the Sun RIGHT NOW

Commence Radiation Avoidance!

full story...

Super Loud UFO Over Hawaii

HILO » The FBI and the Transportation Security Administration are investigating sightings of an object resembling a missile flying over the Hilo Airport area Tuesday morning, Hawaii County Civil Defense said.

Reports gave opposite descriptions of its direction and widely varying estimates of its size.

The largest estimate was about 12 feet long, and the smallest was one foot. One report said it was headed over the airport's main runway, but another said it was headed north from Hilo, away from the airport...

Tsunami Panic Caused by Ufological Website

A website warning of a tsunami has spread panic in Morocco, despite the government's assertion that the alert was merely rumour - and the dubious nature of its source.

The Ufological Research Centre said on its website last week that a tsunami could hit the Atlantic after a comet passes close to earth on Thursday, May 25.

Eric Julien, author of La Science Des Extraterrestres (Science of Aliens), claimed that the impact of a comet fragment would trigger powerful volcanoes in the Atlantic and generate a giant tsunami that would be destructive across the coasts of several countries, including Morocco...

Saucer Crashes Into Sea!

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is monitoring a mysterious situation on the KZN south coast.

"Numerous" eye-witnesses reported an unidentified flying object crashing into the sea on Saturday.

NSRI Shelley Beach station commander, Eddie Noyons, said eye-witnesses had reported an unidentified object - possibly an aircraft - crashing into the sea behind the breaker line off-shore of the Port Shepstone High School.

Police, rescue craft and a fixed wing aircraft were alerted to the scene to investigate...

Super Secret British UFO Study Says: UFOs Are UAPs

The following is an extract from material © 2005 Joe McGonagle:



The British Government have long denied they have carried out any secret study of the UFO phenomenon. But they were wrong.

Between 1996 and 2000 the Ministry of Defence paid a security-cleared expert working for the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) to carry out a study and draw up a secret report on the potential threat posed to the UK by “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” – UFOs...

Tunguska Event Caused Global Warming

A new theory to explain global warming was revealed at a meeting at the UK University of Leicester. The controversial theory has nothing to do with burning fossil fuels and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels but blames the warming on the Tunguska Event of 1908 that happened in a remote part of Siberia, the Science Blog reported Wednesday.

According to Vladimir Shaidurov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the global warming of the past 100 years could be due to atmospheric changes that are not connected to human emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of natural gas and oil...

Fortean Times Investigates Rendlesham "Magic Lantern" Case From 1940s

Full Story Online

Scholarly Paper on Alien Red Rain in Kerala, India


A red rain phenomenon occurred in Kerala, India starting from 25th July 2001, in which the rainwater appeared coloured in various localized places that are spread over a few hundred kilometers in Kerala. Maximum cases were reported during the first 10 days and isolated cases were found to occur for about 2 months. The striking red colouration of the rainwater was found to be due to the suspension of microscopic red particles having the appearance of biological cells. These particles have no similarity with usual desert dust...

Dan Burisch, J-Rod and the Lotus Project

About a dozen UFO enthusiasts met at Marie Callender’s in Westlake Village in mid-February to hear author and UFO expert Bill Hamilton discuss the fantastic case of Dan Burisch and the government’s quest to silence him, and how time travel plays into some UFO theories.

Dr. Dan Burisch (aka Dan Crain) was allegedly an Area 51 microbiologist who worked on the Lotus Project, a government sponsored study of the Ganesh particle, which purportedly has the capability of repairing damaged cells. Burisch claims to have worked with an alien being named J-Rod on a variety of “black budget,” (top secret, not officially recognized by the government) projects...

Underwater UFO Base Off Southern California!

Shortly after I began investigating UFOs in the late 1980s, I started to receive reports of unidentified ocean-going craft. Most of these reports came from a certain stretch of California coastline, from about Santa Barbara south to Long Beach. This particular body of water, I soon learned, had a widespread reputation as a UFO hotspot. After several witnesses told me they believed there was an underwater UFO base there, I decided to conduct a more in-depth investigation to determine the truth.

My first step was to survey the research of other prominent investigators...

The Alien in the Attic

When Barney Broom began renovating his cottage he did not expect to be confronted by a pair of black eyes staring from a cloudy jar. But the mysterious discovery of an alien in his attic has spooked the 54-year-old screenwriter and bewildered extraterrestrial experts, who yesterday suggested the US military could be involved.

The delicate 30cm (12 inch) figure of a baby alien is stored in a pungent liquid and has a US serial number painted on its four-toed foot. Possibly sculpted from a clay-like substance and painted grey, the model closely resembles the aliens depicted in a hoax film of an autopsy of the infamous "Roswell incident"...

Did Aliens Descend On Chicago?

Last week it was reported that a strange red powder had been found on many cars in Chicago. The EPA claims that the substance is nothing more than dust carried all the way from the drought-parched lands of the southwest.

But a red rain that fell in India was found to contain particles of a “biological cell-like nature”. The particles were probably debris from an exploded meteor.

Many astrobiologists believe that life on earth is likely to have originated elsewhere. Tiny microbes may have broken off from another planet, traveled through space and "seeded" our own...

Spacecraft Carrying Strange Material Lands in Utah Desert

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12 (Xinhuanet)-- A U.S. capsule carrying dust sample of a faraway comet that is expected to provide clues about the nature of the building blocks of our solar system, is returning to the Earth seven years after its launch.

Mission scientists and officials of U.S. space agency NASA said on Thursday that the 50-kg capsule was set to be released by the Stardust spacecraft to land on the Utah desert in the early morning on Jan. 15. Then the capsule will be sent to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California...

Light, Time and Memory: A Theory of Everything for UFOs - Part One

The abduction literature is rife with memory lapses, missing time, and the hunt for experiences that have somehow disappeared from the abductee's conciousness. Hypnotherapy, guided dreaming, and deep memory mining methods are used in order to help the person locate the abduction experience in the time path of his or her existence.

And we still lack the holy grail of UFO research, the hard evidence. The bits of tinfoil from the Roswell Incident notwithstanding, there is no such evidence. Claims of metal pieces insrcibed with strange characters eventually blow away in a puff of smoke...

Unidentified (UFOs) And Identified Flying Objects

The idea of UFOs flying down and saving humanity from injustice and woe is a popularized image from the last few decades. Let's identify the UFO trend, popular Christian images, the Mayan calendar with its 2012 predictions, and a reality of PHOTONs flying from clearly identified astrophysical objects.

Some fifty years ago UFOs captured the attention of people looking up to the skies. Once reports started and the government investigated, more and more UFOs appeared. It's like watching recently popularized crop circles...

UFOs And Angels: Are We Their Pets? 

It's a simple idea: If aliens can travel interstellar distances, they must be more advanced that us. If they are more advanced, by how much?

Well, it's physically impossible to drive a metallic object faster than the speed of light. You'd have to bypass the known laws of physics. To send a metal ship to another star using conventional fuels would take decades and exhaust planet Earth's resources. Science fiction gets round this by inventing 'warp drives' and 'wormhole technology'.

I don't believe that alien visitors, if they exist, arrive in metal spacecraft, but we'll get to that later...

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