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Archeological Heresy

Oldest Ruins in Peru Found

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti)

A group of archaeologists have discovered the ruins of an ancient ceremonial plaza in Peru, built 5,500 years ago, local media said Tuesday.

The ruins, measuring 180 by 120 meters, were found at Sechin Bajo in Casma, north of the country's capital Lima. The plaza, believed to have been built between 3,500 B.C. and 3,000 B.C., is one of the oldest discoveries in Latin America.

The El Comercio newspaper cited Peter Fuchs, director of the Sechin Bajo archaeological project, as saying: "Whoever built Sechin Bajo had advanced knowledge of architecture and construction...

Energy Enhancement And Secret Knowledge At Chartres

Here I am not referring to Freemasonry, but to the idea that there has been knowledge kept secret, spiritual knowledge, secret meditations and in particular knowledge of the secrets of art and architecture. After the age of the cathedrals, the Middle Ages, with the Renaissance, and up to the present, the development of humanity in the European tradition turned to the development of the intellect, reason, logical thought, as distinct from instinct and intuition. We have gained enormously from this development, and we can see with a clarity previously impossible, but a combination of ego and rationality has demanded an understanding which commands its subject...

Spider Rock Discs of Central Texas

Sometime between 1902 and 1910 three mysterious stones were discovered in three different Central Texas Counties by Dave M. Arnold and local land owners. All three discoveries sparked extensive treasure hunts, two of which were financed by Dr. Caleb Lafon Terrell of Haskell, Texas, until his death on May 8, 1909 . Each stone bore hieroglyphic symbols that have not yet been totally deciphered, even at this late date. (1)

Throughout the last century, into the current period, treasure hunters, a history professor, archeologists, ranchers, a lock smith, mechanical engineer, logistics specialists, a postman, authors, museum personnel and a long list of others have sought to unravel the purpose of the stones and interrupt their cryptic symbols...

The map of "the Creator"

A find of Bashkir scientists contraries to traditional notions of human history: stone slab which is 120 million years covered with the relief map of Ural Region.

This seems to be impossible. Scientists of Bashkir State University have found indisputable proofs of an ancient highly developed civilizationís existence. The question is about a great plate found in 1999, with picture of the region done according to an unknown technology. This is a real relief map. Todayís military has almost similar maps...

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