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Inherit the Ability to Interact With Beings

Malina Havard

Do you have magic in your life? Has it knocked at your door or called your name in the middle of a peaceful and relaxed slumber only to have you overlook it or ignore it, because you didn't know what was happening? If so, it has called to you and you are missing out on something very powerful and wonderful.

I am very much in tune with my inner child and the other side and I live in a world with magic all around me as well as with the people I am close to and around, and I encourage people to open up and embrace it, just as I have because it's a blessing in disguise. Imagine meeting and having someone come into your life that can open you, your children, your friend or other loved one or family member or your entire family (provided they are open to the idea of opening) to spirit relatives and beings from the other side and right out of the fairy tales that we are told NOT to believe in and shouldn't believe would EVER walk among and live around us, when we are children. They exist and I have gone into peoples' lives and brought that back to them. I love doing it.

Allow me to give one example. This is just one example, mind you, there have been others. I had been away from my old school friends for about 11 years, their children were babies when I was around them last. In December of 2003, we met up again. I adopted them as my spiritual family and with time, their children have developed their own abilities, even though they are well past the age where they would outgrow seeing beings in their house and around them.

Their son had dreams and predicted something that happened on the news as well as communicates with the beings in the house. Their daughter even gets escorted to school, she is that close with the spirits. He was skeptical and even mocking the idea of what I saw and knew, but he was close to me, so I think he opened easily anyway.

I passed it to them and realized the potential from that. That, and several other coincidences, led me to realize that I have the ability to open others, instead of merely channeling for them or telling them what their guides are like or what they are doing in readings. This is different than that.

People can really get somewhat close to me and become "in tune" with the other side. The fact is, people that are not open to it as well as those that are have been affected, somewhat, before I ever realized what I was doing and capable of.

Those kids from that family are 13 and 14 and they see and communicate with and even get tickled and play and laugh and joke with spirits, on a daily basis. They will be moving out of state soon and those spirits will be going with them.

Why does this happen? People, all of us, give off different vibrations. My particular vibration is one that can loan, trade and send out a portion of my abilities to others. ( **That does not mean everyone can go around BORROWING or STEALING just anyone else's abilities. That cannot and should not happen. It means that my vibration is set to give off more than I take in, in an exchange. )

This is the opportunity for others to inherit the ability to see and be around spirits and beings, on a regular basis. If you want to inherit & have passed onto you the ability to see and feel beings, on a normal basis, even if you have no prior knowledge or memory of any around you, even if you have no prior training, I can attune them to that.

I can light, in people, a spark that will open up their own natural abilities, even if you have not ever known you had them before. Even if you think you are the one person that walks all alone in the world, you have the ability to see and know and have contact and communicate with those beings, whether they be Fairies, Sprites, Brownies, Elves, Sylphs, Gnomes, Angels, your Spirit Guides, your animal guides, and your own passed away relatives & more.

If you are open to the idea of these beings, you can know them. I had one man that just talked to me over the phone several times and he opened and started seeing things that others did not, where he went. He got messages from his grandmother that he hadn't seen since he was a teenager. There are more out there.

This is the opportunity for the chance to have your ability activated so that you see guides and beings. Please understand that individual results will vary, depending on how open or resistant someone is to the concept of this. It will take more time for someone that is resistant than it will for someone that wants to see their lost loved one and has already been searching for a way to do it.

Malina Havard is the owner of A Mystical Creation,, a site that offers psychic & magical intervention, protection, as well as psychic readings and other things at affordable rates. She is a Reiki Master and has studied independently for many years. Malina knows that it is in her nature to help people, to heal and to teach. She is now offering people the chance to become psychic, through her guidance.

posted: 12/22/2005

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