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How to Petition Your Angels

Dr. Joseph Mercola

By Carol Tuttle, Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

Knowing how to call upon the powers of heaven will dramatically change your life. Imagine that you have a whole crew of angels around you to assist you with whatever request you make of them.

The only criterion is that your requests cannot be hurtful to another. Angels and other beings of light will only assist and orchestrate in our behalf when we are choosing things of the light.

Start by deciding what you want in your life. An easy writing process to help you become clearer in knowing what you want is to identify first what you don't want. Take a piece of paper and on one side list "What I Don't Want." On the other side list "What I Do Want." Ask yourself the question, "If my life were ideal, what would it look like?"

I tell my clients that if God were to come to you and say, "George, you can have your life be any way you want it to be. Tell me how you want it to be, and I'll help you create it." What would you tell God?

I counsel the person to only imagine what they can honestly believe is possible for them. If they do not believe it could happen easily, they will doubt. Doubt energy is a heavy energy that disconnects us from source energy. This creates resistance on our part, which interferes with allowing what we have asked for to manifest easily.

In this process write the ideal you really believe could happen. List desires that include your relationships, career, body, mind, state of abundance, home, transportation, and spiritual and family life. Or take one of these areas and list what you want in detail. Remember, the more specifically you ask for what you want, the more specifically you will receive it.

Deciding what you want is the first step in setting into motion the creation of what you want. The second step that allows it to come effortlessly into your life is to play a game I call "Ask your Angels."

Take your list, all or part, and write at the top, "Thank you for orchestrating the details for the following desires to come into my life effortlessly and joyfully." Close your eyes and imagine a spiritual crew receiving your requests and going to work to make them happen for you. Your job now is to want it, believe it, allow it, and appreciate it. It will happen.

Unfortunately, it is common that in the beginning of a client's experience with this process, they become clear on what they want, set it into motion by asking for it, and then create resistance.

Resistance is created by doubting it, making statements that counter it happening, continually looking for it to happen, feeling suspicious that it won't, and trying to figure out how to make it happen.

Let's say you want a new white car. You write down your intention: "Thank you for bringing a new car into my life. I want it to be white, to be in this price range, and I want it to be this kind of car. I want one that will require low maintenance, will run well, and be a joy to drive."

After you write this down and release it to the Universe, you find yourself talking to a friend and you tell them you hope to get a new white car. But because you are not sure you are going to get it, you speak words of doubt, which create a vibration that blocks the car from showing up.

You might say things like "I'm going to get a new car, but I just can't find one that is in my price range." "I want a new car but the color and model I want is pretty scarce."

In your mind you think you have to figure out where the car is going to come from, and that you have to get busy to make it happen. You don't give the Universe the chance to orchestrate the details and flow the information and events into your life because you're too focused on trying to figure it out yourself.

Once you have offered your intention and asked for a new white car, release it to the Universe by asking your angels for assistance and allow it to show up. Events, ideas, and inspired action will synchronistically come to you, and you will soon have your new white car. Remember, when you want it and don't resist it, it comes every single time without exception.

When you start playing this game of asking your angels to assist you, all kinds of things will open up to you. As I look back on my experience of asking my angels, in the beginning I asked for very few things.

Now I ask for their help with everything. I realized that the Universe has enormous resources to help me. I started noticing many of the things I was asking for were happening without my needing to take any action at all. My job is to identify what I want, to ask for it, allow it, and to say thank-you when it comes.

I ask for assistance with everything in my life. Each day I awake imagining my spiritual crew ready and anxious to honor me and help me with my requests. I have a section in my day planner I call "Ask my Angels." Each morning I have a meeting with them and write down the things on which I would like them to work. Here is a typical day's request: Thank you for flowing to me the ideas of what to buy at the grocery store today to make easy, delicious, healthy meals this week. Please orchestrate my day so I am involved and participating in those activities that serve my highest good. Please find me a rental car at a low rate in Hawaii for our July trip.I want my clients to refer my services to people who will be blessed and whose lives will be better from seeing me.Orchestrate a tennis match for me tomorrow, early morning or afternoon.Thank you for helping my daughter know what to do in her current situation, and to be fueled with love and honor for herself.Thank you for assisting my son and me in having a playful, trusting relationship.When we go to Palm Springs over spring break, I want fabulous weather and a safe and fun car ride down there. I want to play tennis three to four times and to play golf with our entire family.Thank you for finding us tickets to Disneyland at a discount.

I look at the list above and everything I asked for happened. When I asked for the discounted tickets to Disneyland I had no idea where these would come from. I was not aware of a place to buy them.

Within two days of asking, I told a friend we were going to Disneyland and she said, "Would you like me to get you discounted tickets? My husband can get them through his work!"

When synchronicity like this happens (which is all the time in my life), I am no longer surprised. I am very pleased, excited and appreciative. In my mind, I think of my angel friends, chuckle, and tell them thanks. I notice myself thinking a lot, "You guys crack me up! Thanks for making it so fun!"

When someone in our family has lost or misplaced something, I'll ask them, "Have you asked your angels to find it for you?" Whenever this happens to me, I let go of trying to find the item myself and turn it over to my angels by saying, "Thank you for finding such and such."

I know I will come across it or have the idea of where to look come into my mind momentarily. It always does, and I always find it.

While driving in the car one day with my teenage daughter, Anne turned to me and asked,

"Do you know why all the lights are turning green for us?"

I said, "No, why?"

She smiled, "I have green light angels. They go ahead of us to all the lights we are coming to and make sure they are green by the time we get there."

From that point on every time we went through the intersection we would celebrate and yell thank-you to Anne's green light angels. If you go anywhere with Anne you will hit at least 90 percent of the lights green and frequently 100 percent of them.

I know the key in allowing the success we experience with spiritual assistance in our family is our faith. Faith, free of any doubt, is necessary to allow the stream of heavenly assistance to flow openly.

Having faith is as simple as knowing we are deeply loved and important to the heavens. They want to help us; they only see us with loving eyes. They applaud our efforts here on earth and commend us for our being here.

I love this process because it makes life so fun. I know that I can have anything I want. In my prayers I ask to be in harmony with God's will, and that I will only ask for that which is for my highest good. I know that God wants to bless us with all the good he has created.

We each have our own room in heaven filled with everything we could ever want in abundance, just waiting to be given to us. It is okay to have a grace-filled easy life. You only need to keep the struggle and hardships if you still believe you need them to grow, to learn, and to stay in humility and service to God.

Recently I heard two neighbors chatting about the purpose of hard times. One said to the other, "I told my daughter that I believe I learn and grow the most when things are really, really hard." As you wish!

I know it is possible to live a life free of mistakes, problems, disease, strain, and stress. We are unlimited creative beings. Every day you can make more and more decisions about what you want.

Notice what you do not want; own it as your creation and ask yourself, "What do I want to create instead?" Have fun with this by playing with it. Keep noticing more and more what you do want.

I know we have within each of us the capacity to create lives of fulfillment -- free from mistakes, problems and illness. As we choose to acclimate to higher states of consciousness and a state of wholeness, our lives will be characterized by complete alertness and spontaneous use of our full potential.

We are meant to take command over our destiny, with the organizing power to accomplish any worthy goal without strain.

God wants us to incorporate the resources he has provided for us. Stop thinking your only relationships are in the physical realm. Call upon those in the spirit realm and let them do for you what you no longer have to do for yourself.

I have offered you my experience of how I more fully draw upon the powers of heaven. Prayerfully seek to understand how to use the spiritual powers that are available to you. There is spiritual help for you if you ask for it. Come to know how to petition the assistance of angels in a manner that is appropriate with your spiritual beliefs.

Learn powerful methods and techniques to draw upon the power of the heavens on Carol's best-selling Audio CD How to Petition Your Angels. Just click on the title to review this product and all of Carol's life-changing books, CDs and DVDs that are highly recommended by Dr. Mercola.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:Earlier this year I had an opportunity to attend a three-day Internetseminar with Carol and had a chance to get to know her. Although I enjoyed the seminar, the highlight was the opportunity to get to know Carol.

Without a doubt energy psychology is one of the greatest tools I have ever encountered in the healing modalities and EFT is an amazing application of this discipline. Carol happens to be one of the most gifted EFT clinicians I know of.

If you want to apply some of the principles Carol discusses in the above article and learn powerful healing techniques to release the emotional issues that are keeping you from living a more fulfilling life, you willwantto pick up Carol's best-selling Audio CD How to Petition Your Angels.You can also reviewCarol's other life-changing books, CDs and DVDs thatI highly recommended.

Carol stopped seeing clients awhile ago so she can concentrate on sharing her message over the Internet.However there was sucha demand for her services that shedecided to limit her patient load andincrease her fees to $10,000 for a series ofcomprehensive individual consultations; even at thoserates she has more clients than she can handle.

InOctober Iinvited Carol to spend some time at my center to teach my staff some of her principles. We had a great time and decided that we will offer a joint seminar in Chicago on April 6, 7 and 8. I want to tell you that now as by then it will have been nearly two years since I have held a major event. The last one was also in Chicago in June 2004.

It was an EFT event with Gary Craig and we sold out the 550 seats in a few days and had a waiting list of over 500 people who could not attend.

Well, this event should be far better than the one last year as we have some incredible programs that will absolutely amaze you at the benefits you will receive.

Can't tell you much more about it now, but I do want to forewarn you to mark you calendars now for next April 6-8 and plan on being in Chicago for an event you will remember the rest of your life.

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posted: 12/28/2005

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