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Scrying - a Modern Look at an Ancient Art

Sally Taylor

Scrying, the art of gaining telepathic information by gazing into crystals, began thousands of years ago. Ancient civilizations revered crystals, believing they had magical powers. The people thought that the gods would deliver mystical wisdom to the meditator through the stones. Battles, travel, healing, diets, and even decisions about the ruling of kingdoms were often planned according to wisdom imparted to scryers from their stones. Today the art of scrying is still widely practiced, but has lost a bit of it's mystery as we have gained knowledge of the reactions between energy and crystals.

We now know that crystals vibrate with their own frequencies. They also absorb frequencies they are exposed to and can actually store this input within them. The stone has the capability to amplify these vibrations as well. Scientists actually use crystals to slow the speed of light, and many are used in communication devices. Because of their capacity to store energy information much as your brain does, crystals are also being used in the construction of a new type of computer. It is the capacity of the crystal to play back stored information in the form of energy for your brain to pick up and decipher that gives the crystal its “magical” power. When you pick up a crystal which is on a frequency level that is compatible with your own, you gain access to this stored information. The compatability of frequencies is the reason that you will find some crystals will work for you and others will not.

Being that emotions and thoughts have also their own frequencies, “bad” vibrations can be stored just as easily as “good” vibrations. In other words, you can pick up a crystal that will have negative reactions. These negative vibrations can become so amplified that a stone can actually become known to be cursed. This is the case with some very famous gemstones. (See the article about the cursed black diamond in the Station 1 Connector newsletter for an example of cursed gemstones: - December, 2005 issue. Archives are at the bottom of page if you are reading this after December). The main rule here is that if you have bad feelings from a crystal, or bad things happen to you while in contact with a crystal, it is best to avoid the stone completely. Something is not right with the frequency or stored energy in the stone. So how do you find the right one?

Choosing the right stone may be a bit easier than you may think it would be. You may have a particular crystal in mind when you begin your search for the right one. While browsing for that crystal, it is likely that another one may catch and hold your attention or your eye. When you continue your search, you will find that you are continually being drawn back to that crystal. You may be so strongly attracted to a crystal that it seems to be actually calling to you. That is the crystal you will want to choose. It attracts you because it's frequencies and information storage are right for you.

Before using a crystal for scrying purposes, you will want to clean the stone to erase any interfering frequencies from the surface. This can be done in a few different ways. Most people soak the crystal in a water and sea salt solution for 24 hours before use. Some bury the stone in natural fiber cloth such as silk or linen. After cleansing, the stone may be left in sun or moonlight for a while to “charge” it much as you would recharge a battery. This process is claimed to amplify the stone's energies quite effectively.

Once you have the stone prepared for scrying, place it against a background that aid visual contact with the stone. A plain white background can be effective for this for most crystals. Now notice any patterns you may see in the stone. Clear your mind as you watch the stone and patterns within it. Don't bother adapting a frozen stare, just watch it naturally. Soon you will see images or patterns evolving in the stone. You won't be thinking these things – you will physically see them. Once you see the patterns or images, ideas will come to you about them. Pay attention to these ideas, but let them flow freely. What is happening is that the stone is releasing stored energy to you, or converting energy it is receiving from you into ideas.

By using the stone's stored and active energy flows you can learn about events from the past or about connections you have to events in the universe that might go unrealized without the amplification of the energies by your crystal. You will be able to see the effects of your energies on the stone as many crystals will start to change visually with continued use, and develop cloudy spots or change of color. These changes in no way should be viewed as spoiling the stone. They are just natures way of showing us that the crystal's power to amplify, store, convert, and distribute energy are quite physical processes and have much less to do with magic than our ancestors realized.

©2005 Sally Taylor: Sal is an avid gem and treasure hunter, explorer, writer, and is the owner of

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posted: 1/1/2006

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