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What if a Living Planet Got Hungry?

Lance Winslow

Some believe that there may be planets out there, which are totally organic? That is to say they are totally alive. Teaming with Microbial life which has eaten all the elements and compounds of the planet all the way thru. It is certainly within the realm of possibility considering the trillions and trillions and trillions of planets out there and the amount of life that exists in other worlds.

Microbes would eat the dirt, rock, metal and uses the gases for food and then bacteria would eat the bi-products. Round and round, thus the Planet itself would be an enclosed eco-system. Not to hard to understand at all, some believe it to be so, others call it Science Fiction? One super brain said recently that; “If a planet would be a living planet, in the way you describe, it would be a wonder.” Yet, not really as, if a very hearty life, a robust life such as this existed it would eat the entire planet and then it would become the planet. Why would that be a wonder? That would be inevitable really. One person of a think thank said on this point that;

“I would think that it would have to have the ability to function in such a manner that it would work as a very efficient organism with a very strong preservation sense. This would be a great idea for a sci-fi book and movie. If the planet would pass within certain distances of any space debris or space particle, it would have the ability to transfer its microbes there furthering its chance of re-colonizing them elsewhere.”

Well if it had collective consciousness it could steer itself and slingshot around planets, suns and solar systems at will. Now then, this is really starting to sound more like Science Fiction Fantasy to the untrained, shallow thinking and boxed in human mind, but follow along for a second if you will. You see after eating all that metal, creating all that gas from the eating of all those minerals the microbes would have everything they needed. Electromagnetic energy from the friction of the created atmosphere, lightning storms and therefore could have intelligence that should not be a big leap for one to concur?

We know that in the human mouth alone there are over 500 types of bacteria living happily inside of us? Collective consciousness is not a far-reaching leap given 5 plus Billion years to evolve, consume the planet and then devise a way to eat more. We know on Earth that organisms have internal clocks and even know which way north is; even insects possess this skill and they are very small right? Sure, it might be good Science Fiction, but I am certain due to the size and number of planets, that is does exist and so it is not Science Fiction, but rather science fact. In fact we may even be looking at such a planet in another solar system and not know it yet. How can we be sure one does not exist under our feet or on another planet under it’s surface, if there is heat, water, we know that our type of life can exist easily and microbes do not need much to exist.

Such a planet would be a super efficient organism could even take over Earth one day too, albeit it would take billions of years? Imagine traveling in a space colony and our race comes back to mother Earth after traveling for ten generations and skipping time to the future and the blob which was created millions of years ago as some human scientist where screwing around with, grew and grew and eventually took over the planet. Within that time frame the humans left to other worlds, but Planet earth was no longer the oasis it was for our species, but the new species was quite content living and thriving in its perfect eco-system, thanking their God for creating it for them. It could easily happen and for someone to say; “not in a million years” might be considered to be a fool. Think on this.

"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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posted: 1/1/2006

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