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Talking Thing Encountered in Highland Illinois

Denise Klayman

HIGHLAND, IL Jake Boothill did not expect to wind up in the papers the day he set out from his mobile home on his way to his favorite fishing hole down the road.

"It started out just a normal day," was how he described his morning. He filled a thermos with coffee, packed a sandwich and threw his fishing gear into the back of his pickup. Halfway to the pond, however, something strange occurred.

Jake "heard something very peculiar" and pulled off the dusty gravel road to investigate. What he heard "sounded just like a person, or a child, yelling for help."

He shut off the truck, got out and started walking back along the road and looking in the tall grass for the source of the plaintive sound.

"I didn't even see it at first," Jake says, "Probably 'cause I didn't know what I was looking at. Still don't really."

The source of the pleading wail was a creature about eighteen inches tall, with "a body like some kind of ape, or really small person, but with a head like a cat. Just like a housecat."

And the creature was talking.

According to Jake, the thing spoke in a high pitched voice, and "It said, 'Can you help me? I think I've lost my way.'" The creature told him that it had fallen asleep in a field near its home, and woken up here by the road.

"Well, I told him I could give him a ride back to where he came from if he wanted," Jake says, "But it seemed like he didn't really understand. He looked at the truck and then back at me and got kind of sad all of a sudden."

While Jake watched and offered help again, the animal turned around and walked away from the road into the tall grass. "It walked like a person, on two legs, but not as graceful as a person." Jake followed, but could not find the creature anywhere.

"Just like it disappeared."

Jake Boothill does not know what he saw, "But I sure hope he's alright."

posted: 6/12/2006

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